Velocity Aviation services - Passnager Assistance

Passenger Assistance

While passenger enjoys our new state of art private terminal private facility, our team will assist them with emigration procedures. First class transportation is offered, at the clients request from the hotel to the airport or any other location the customer may require. This service can be extended for the duration of their stay.

Velocity Aviation services - Flight Planning

Flight Planning

Going to an unfamiliar country? We can handle it.

Velocity Aviation services - Aircraft Refueling

Refueling Services

Velocity Aviation will extend credit to its customer on fuel, at the best possible price; price is always dependent of the supplier’s price tag. This service will ensure a superior level of efficiency where the coordination with the fuel supplier company will be done by one of our agents to ensure on time fueling in order to avoid unnecessary delays. The above coordination will be done as part of basic handling even if the client chooses to use different fuel payment method.

Velocity Aviation services - VIP Catering

VIP Catering

Due to our staff experience with corporate flying, we can guarantee first class catering service to fulfill any customer’s requests

Velocity Aviation services - Aircraft Chater

Aircraft Charter

Following Velocity Aviation’s philosophy of diversifying the scope of our business, we can offer to our customers the opportunity to use this service where we will find the most cost effective solution for their private jet charter, using local or foreigner suppliers. This service is available at short notice.

Velocity Aviation services - Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management

Due to the level of expertise of its members, Velocity Aviation is offering once more this very unique and exclusive service to the African countries. Velocity Aviation, will manage any type of aircraft assuring a professional and efficient service , allowing the customer to benefit and enjoy the advantages of owning an aircraft. Velocity Aviation, on behalf of customer will take care of all operational aspects including international planning and coordination. A 24/7 service will be available in order to guarantee that the customer’s flights proceed without any hassle. Velocity Aviation will look for the best maintenance option in order to optimize the costs and assure the quality of the maintenance provided to the clients.

Velocity Aviation services - Flight Clearances

Flight Clearances

We grantee the most effective African over flight clearances and landing permits processing although they require notice is normally 3-7 days, we can guarantee a much shorter turn around time.

Velocity Aviation services - Hotel Reservations

Hotel Reservations

Velocity Aviation can at the customer request assist with the bookings for their entire stay. By booking via Velocity Aviation, the customer shall take advantage of Velocity Aviation preferred rates and agreement.

Velocity Aviation services - Other Services

Other Services

A crew lounge is available at our operations center. We provide secure and comfortable Crew transport to and from the airport to the hotel or any other location the client may request.

Velocity Aviation services - Aircraft Parts

Parts Division

Several manufactures have appointed Velocity Aviation parts division as a direct distributor, agent, or franchisee and extensive inventories are held. Included Goodyear Aviation tires and tubes, BP aviation lubricants and turbine filters, new and overhauled avionics and components and general parts and accessories.

As an aircraft parts suppliers we distribute from our warehouse. In the interest of speed of service, Velocity Aviation parts division is extensive, stocking more than 5 000 line items for various makes and aircraft models; supplying aircraft parts at excellent prices keeps client cost low. All our aircraft parts are supported by documentation with every part delivery, every part is traceable to its manufacturer and source.

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